Lesson 111: Find That Photo

In Smartphone Camera lesson 111, you will learn how to search for and find that special photograph on your smartphone.

Before we get started, grab a hold of your smartphone, open the camera app, and follow along.  All smartphone cameras will have the functionality I describe, yours might look different. If you know the functionality exists, you can find it, figure out how to use it, then practice it so it becomes an action you can take when the great picture you want to take presents itself.

Find that photo

You have been capturing many great moments using your cellphone camera and now it's time to find that great picture from some time ago.  

You have tried scrolling through your gallery and can't find it.  What do you do next?

Your cellphone uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and GPS location to provide several ways to search your phone for that special photograph.

To find that great  photograph on your cellphone, do the following steps:  

  1. Open the cellphone "Gallery" app where all your photos and videos are stored.
  2. Tap on the search icon (it looks like a magnifying glass) in the top right corner of the screen.You will be presented with several options which can group photographs allowing you to narrow your search.  
  3. Choose the option most closely matches the uniqueness of your photograph.

  • Search: type in a keyword related to your picture
  • People: SmartphonePhoto Gallery apps use facial recognition technology to scan all the photos in your gallery, automatically identify faces, and then group all the photos featuring each person.  It's not perfect, but it might just find the photo of that special person.
  • Locations: If you have enabled your cellphone to do so, your cellphone camera automatically records the GPS coordinates of the location where the photo was taken. Locations groups all your photos by location.
  • Shot Types: Your photos will be grouped by video, selfie, portrait, panorama, or any other option your cellphone offers.
  • Documents: Your photos will be grouped by identified document type.  I find this misidentifies many documents but can occasionally be helpful.
  • Things/scenery. The Gallery app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable the Things/scenery search feature. 

The Gallery app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable the Things/scenery search feature.

When you take a photo, the app uses image recognition technology to analyze the content of the photo and identify any objects or scenery that may be present. 

The app then uses this information to create a searchable database of objects and scenery in your photos.

This powerful search feature is becoming more accurate with each software update.

Grouping your photos using one of the above options reduces the number of photos displayed, allowing you to easily find that special picture. The searches I use most often are people, location, and things/scenery.

Let me know if you appreciate this content.  

Let me know if there are other topics you would like me to cover.  After I cover cell phone camera basics in 100-level lessons, I will start the 200 series covering composition.